Boxing Gym – Exercises You Never Have to Do Again

Do I have to do all the varied activities I see the other fighters are doing to train? Maybe not, since there are some things traditionally done in the boxing gym that are old exercises you never have to do again. Here are just a few activities you can skip to engage in other actions that will actually improve your fight.

Speed Bag

The speed bag is a false representation of any boxing skill. Rapidly hitting this bag will do nothing to improve your hand-eye coordination. Bag work is best utilized for expending energy after sparing by learning to continue competing through fatigue. In the boxing gym, this is one of the exercises you never have to do again.

Long Distance Running

Running over two miles does nothing to help a fighter. design your own fight shorts What on earth does slow, long distance running have to do with a quick, explosive and fast paced power surge that goes on in a ring? Obviously nothing, so save time and your precious energy and give it up now.

Shadow Boxing with Weights

If you use weighted gloves or dumbbells while shadow boxing, you open yourself to torn ligaments and other sidelining injuries. This is an old-fashioned way of boxing conditioning that can only harm your performance. Using out dated methods that can bring unnecessary injuries is never a smart move when you goal is to reach your best boxing level.

I don’t think you want to spend time in the boxing gym with exercises that you never have to do again because they are ineffective, and may even defeat your goal. Take the time to get exposure to the latest, proven training methods. If your trainer does not know recent scientific discoveries, find one that does. To great boxing!

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