How to Get the Most Out of Free Love Spells

Free love spells are all over the internet and are some of the most popular spells there are. After all, everyone likes a little romance in their lives don’t they?  But while there are some great free love spells out there, there are some points that you need to bear in mind when attempting to perform them. Witchcraft brings with it responsibilities and you need to be aware of what you are doing. Free love spells also tend to be quite simple which is perfect for the beginner but  I thought I’d add some tips on how to make them the most effective they can be.

Ok, on to how free spells can work for you! Even if you are a beginner; even if the free love spell is so simple as to only be a few lines, this does not mean that this is all there is to it. In order to enhance your spell there are a few key things you can do:

1) Prepare. Get yourself in the right frame of mind and open yourself up spiritually. You may like to use meditation for this or maybe a scented bath to relax you. Ex back spell Whatever you choose, concentrate on opening up your spiritual channels in order to allow energies to flow through you.

2) Use visual prompts to help you connect with the spell. The lovers card from tarot deck can work well for example. Or maybe something that reminds you of love – like a picture of Paris!

3) Add a statement of intent to the spell to create more of a ritual to your spell casting. This will boost the power of the free love spell by making it more personal. Write down what you want to happen, what impact you’d like it to have on your life and anything else that you feel is relevant. After your preparations, read out your statement and then follow with the spell.

4) Burn a pink or white spell candle.

5) Make a love sachet a few days before by wrapping herbs such as lavender flowers, rose petals or blue poppy seeds in cloth. Keep it with you to soak up its energy.


What to be careful of:


1) The Wiccan Rede – harm none. Do not attempt anything that will have a negative impact on yourself or others.

2) One of the reasons for the above rule is that you may invoke the three-fold law. This law dictates that whatever you do comes back to you with 3 time the force and energy so if you send negative energies out into the universe,  you will see unfortunate consequences.

3) Do not try to bend the will of another. Firstly, you wouldn’t like it if anyone tried to do this to you. But it also can have the opposite affect to the one that you want. Everyone has free will and this is something that you cannot control. They might not take too kindly to it if they discover you are trying to change or manipulate them in any way.

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